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Happy Monday! Quick Low Carb Chat…

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This information is way to Awesome not to share with as many others as possible!

If you’re participating in the Summer Low Carb Challenge it’s time to weigh-in. The challenge is FREE. Join us if you haven’t already! New people join in every day.

You’ll find the Week 3 Weigh-In thread in our private Facebook group, or leave a comment here on this post with your weight loss lost since June 25th.


It’s been a week now since my big crazy hike and I’m happy to report: that really helped! Not only did it stimulate my appetite, but I’ve been back to my home workouts – so it inspired me to KEEP moving.

I’ve been doing simple exercises at home like tricep dips, and what I’ll call “hip lifts” and “butt kicks” because I don’t know the right name for those floor exercises…

But I’m doing them! 😉

I’ve also been eating more. You’ll recall in my last post I was really struggling to eat enough, and wasn’t feeling well. I definitely have more of an appetite, and have my calories back up to my normal range – and I’m feeling better than I was.

Although today I’m tired, so I’m going to keep this short. 😛

This morning I had a great chat with Mitch of Keto Mojo about their blood ketone & glucose testing meter, and about “Bio-Individuality” which is something I’d really like to explore & research more.

I just received their testing kit today actually, so I’ll be using that in a new series of clean keto testing. I look forward to sharing what I discover with you!

I scored us a 15% discount on their testing kits, which is coded into this link for you, or you can click on the image below to learn more and watch some of the videos on their website.

Blood Glucose Ketone Testing Meter - Keto Mojo Discount

In my next post I’ll share a week’s worth of low carb meals and MyFitnessPal logs with you so you can see what I’ve been eating, maybe get some new ideas to try, and see my MFP diaries. Plus I’ll have a weight loss update for you…

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this GREAT discussion we’re having on Facebook – which is a bit controversial, and may raise some questions:

Keto Foods Metabolic State Discussion

If that does raise any questions for you, feel free to leave a comment there or here. It kind of leaves things wide open for interpretation, or it seems so based on that same discussion on Instagram at least. 😉

Monday’s are a long day for me so I have to get back to work…

I really just wanted to check in, make sure you got the weigh-in link for this week, and see how things are going on your end.

I’m taking my “exercise accountability” seriously. I need to start taking photos or vidoes of that (too), and get back to sharing my food & fitness diaries with you daily.

But for now: today I did 15 tricep dips and a lower body floor workout on the mat – 20 butt kicks and 10 hip lifts. I’ll find the right term for those so you know what I mean! (lol)

I have another trip coming up in just over 3 weeks and it’s one I really enjoyed last year, so I definitely want to FEEL good for that.

I’m also working on figuring out what’s going on with my body and this weight gain… so I can (hopefully) fit more comfortably in my clothes for that trip. 😉

I’m not going to do anything crazy or extreme to drop the extra weight (like egg fasts or fasting, I mean). Right now I’m more focused on feeling better and on my overall health & happiness. And on work. 😛 😛

How are things going with you this week?

Don’t forget to weigh in today…

Leave a comment and let’s chat!:)

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. The popular Instant Pot is the “Deal of the Day” today at 41% off but sometimes it shows the deal is still available and sometimes it doesn’t! Anyway, I know a lot of you already have one, so…

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