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Here’s Why Women Need Truweight’s Detox Cleansing Program for Weight Loss

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detox cleansing for women



detox cleansing for womenDetox cleansing for women | Truweight’s detox cleansing | Impact of the detox plan | Healthy detox diet

Women need special detox cleansing because they are more prone to reach for junk food for snack, or beat of cravings during their periods or pregnancy. Since women are short on time, they look for easy-to-use solution, which are often packed with excess salt and sugar leading to unwanted weight gain. So detox cleansing once a month is good to manage optimal weight for women. 

In the current scenario, the trend of urbanization is at its peak. Among both genders, managing personal and professional life is an everyday task and, requiring energy, efforts and a lot of productiveness, specifically for women.  Amidst all these commitments, we are forgetting the situation we are placing our bodies into and this is where the detox for women plays a very important role.

Why women need detox cleansing 

The prevailing situation of time scarcity makes us go for short-cuts like opting for ready-to-eat, convenient food options, canned foods or frozen foods. But they contain ample amount of synthetic preservatives, additives, and chemicals which generally causes harm to the body with its accumulation and formation of free radicals. This is equally aggravated by the amount of stress everyone has to cope up with. This is why and where the need of detox comes into the vicinity.

Truweight’s detox cleansing for women

With the understanding of the need for detoxification, Truweight, a wellness company, came up with an idea of introducing a detox kit constituting the natural ingredients that ensure the good supply of bioactive compounds which are capable of flushing the toxins and free radicals from the body.

Detox cleansing helps in weight loss

Detoxification and weight loss go hand in hand simultaneously when it comes to the sustainability factor. A good detoxification helps in improving the pace of metabolism along with the better health of GI tract, kidney, and liver that ultimately ensures healthy weight loss.

Trueweight conducted a study on 84 female subjects,  after their written consent, followed by the anthropometric measurements.

The detox program at Truweight aims at- removing toxins from the body, reducing invisible inflammation and to improve healthy gut bacterial balance. It was for the duration of 10 days followed by an exclusively designed diet program.

During detox phase, small, frequent meals were encouraged and in the month-long diet programme, intake of superfoods was encouraged. The superfoods in this detox diet comprise of seeds, high protein flour, multigrain breakfast options like upma and dosa mix, soups and snacks.

Along with this Truweight Premium product such as Tru Juice which has ingredients for fat burning, Trufiber containing combinations of soluble and insoluble fibers, herbs containing teatox, (Trudrink) – were also administered.

Impact of the Truweight’s detox cleansing plan 

The statistical analysis of the findings revealed that upon the enrolment, 34.50 percent of the total female subjects were falling in the overweight category, 36.9 percent were in the obese category and 28.6 percent were in the severely obese category.

After the detox plan for 10 days, the overweight category was increased by 2.4 percent as the proportion of severely obese category got reduced from 28.6 to 26.9 percent. After the completion of a one-month Trueweight program, 3.6 percent females shifted to a normal category which did not exist at the initial stage.

Overall, it was observed that nearly 82 percent of female clients lost weight of less than 3 kg in 10 days detox and 17.9 percent lost weight of more than 3.1 kgs. It is being depicted clearly in Table 1.

   Table 1: Distribution of clients by body mass index – Initially, after detox and after one month


Initial (0 Days)

Detox (10 Days)

One month (30 Days)

Over weight

Obese Severely obese Over weight Obese Severely obese Normal Over weight


Females (%)


36.9 28.6 36.9 36.9 26.2 3.6 41.7



Healthy detox cleansing diet for weight loss

According to a report by National Family Health Survey (2005-06), one-fifth of Indian women, or 20.7 percent to be precise, in the age group of 15-49 are overweight. Unlike in rural areas, the prevalence of obesity is more in urban areas with 23% women over-weight and obese.

Therefore, weight loss is the demand of time that requires urgent attention and measures to be taken. Detox diet does not refer to fasting or starvation or even calorie deficiency. It implies to the intake of the right kind of food at the right interval that impacts your metabolism and ensures removal of toxins from the body.

Management of ideal weight, in long run, is very crucial when it comes to the existing prevalence of the non-communicable diseases at the global level.  Choice can be yours about what to opt that will make a difference in your life ahead.

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