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7 things we learned in May

It feels like only the other day we were all sharing photos of a curly-haired Justin Timberlake revealing the start of May. Now we’re soaring into June, with its pledges of undisturbed sunlight, investing time looking into the most effective ways of avoiding the dreaded chub rub, and oh, did we mention? The initial of this year’s MAN v FAT Football St George’s Park events!

Yet before we obtain also delighted, allow’s take a look to see exactly what we found out in May…

Things we learned in May

… Cheese is the nation’s much-loved sandwich filling up That’s simply cheese, on its own, no salad or meat or anything, which if you ask us is very weird. Cheese on toast? Yes. 2 slices of bread with grated cheese between? No, just no. The survey, performed – by Warburtons, confirms two points – the simple sausage sandwich, which can be found in 4th, does not obtain the love as well as respect it is entitled to, and people can not be relied on.

Mosting likely to McDonald’s?

A double cheeseburger has fewer calories than a quarter pounder AND you get two beef patties as opposed to one. Look into other McDonald’s healthy swaps here.

What we learned in May

This girl truly suches as standing Utilizing a standing workdesk burns an extra 50 calories an hour. It does not seem like a lot, yet by representing 4 hrs from an 8-hour day, you would certainly burn an extra 200 calories a day. That’s 1,000 calories a week and 52,000 calories a year, which would be equal to running over 18 marathons a year, all from your desk. It’s not really the same as running 18 marathons however, is it? We appreciate the idea, so thanks just the same Varidesk, who sent us this info and who (unsurprisingly) remain in the organisation of standing workdesks.

One football considers almost precisely one extra pound.

That’s a FIFA-regulated football, which should be spherical (duh) as well as evaluate no greater than 450g, which is 0.99 pounds. Consider this: MAN v FAT Football players have lost nearly 100,000 lbs, meaning virtually 100,000 footballs. Not also worn-out. And also we’re providing you an opportunity to win an exclusive MAN v FAT Football ball to commemorate.

What we learned this month

Chris Pratt weighed practically 300lbs at his heaviest.

That’s almost 300 footballs if you’re paying interest.

Londoners are the worst eaters in the country

New study has found that in a nation of undesirable eaters, Londoners are the most awful. 48% of individuals consume all set dishes, 39% consume quick food and 32% eat takeaway at the very least once a week. The research study, which was carried out by on-line drug store Pharmacy Outlet likewise discovered that just 13% of individuals in Northern Ireland stated they reach their 5-a-day target. Tssk.

There’s a new episode of the MAN v FAT Football Players Podcast!

The MAN v FAT Football Players Podcast is going from toughness to stamina – – today the boys talked to MAN v FAT founder Andrew Shanahan for a bumper episode all regarding just how and why MVF was born. Listen to the episode below.

What have you depended on in May? If you lost weight, had any non-scale triumphes or if you’ve found out anything fascinating, we wish to hear it, so come and join our trumpet-blowing string over on the forum.

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