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Raw, Cooked & Cultured/Fermented Foods

Chef Teton – 68 Years Young.

“This picture was spontaneously taken with an Iphone by a friend October 6, 2012, fresh out of the water dripping wet, no air-brushing.

It took me a lifetime to learn everything I have about nutrition. I discovered through a vibrant path that started with learning “Raw Living” foods in 1990. Pounds drifted away and I became in love with all the amazing foods I got to eat. Then I learned more!

Through the next 20 years I went on to devour everything I could about nutrition, health trends with the emerging natural foods industry. I have had the pleasure with working with the best health professionals and chefs in the world.

But my body and the results others achieved were my best teachers. From “Raw Living” foods I went on to incorporate the best of “Cooked Foods” and blended them with the ancient traditions of Ayurvedic cooking and “Cultured and Fermented” foods.

People raved about my skin and remarked that I had reversed the signs of aging. I became free! Now you can too. It is simple, fun and rewarding!

I began my nutrition and cooking career 24 years ago to create what I call, “Essential Cuisine”.

Essential Cuisine is not an either/or dietary practice. It instead is a both/and if you know what I mean.

Six years ago I produced Essential Cuisine’s 6 Set DVD series with 55 cooking shows that teach the basics of what a person needs to know to establish a foundational – nutritionally sound diet to last a lifetime.

I produced visual shows because that is how I learned, by watching a passionate, knowledgeable teacher. The shows are professional – two camera angle cooking shows, along with nutrition education and recipes.

The series includes how to make Raw Foods, with the best of Cooked Foods and Cultured/Fermented Foods – All things “Essential” for a thriving healthy life.

This Essential Cuisine series is now available in this course.

A note about Raw: Raw food is particularly difficult to learn by a book. Raw food cuisine involves a whole new way of working with nuts and seeds. It is really simple once you learn it.

Also, a Raw Food Diet is not a sustainable diet for most. People want cooked foods too, and there are simple and delicious methods to include cooked veggies and grains into your daily meals. Some foods are always best raw, and there are others that are better cooked. In this course, you will learn the difference.

*Note: To read more about the Raw part of this course, please see my Udemy Course on Raw Foods. The Raw, Cooked & Cultured Couse here includes the Raw Course PLUS a complete section on mixing raw and cooked together along along with Cultured Foods AND a Bonus series on Raw Cacao Desserts.

There is more. The Centenarians, those people who live to be a healthy 100 years old in various locations in the world, all have a naturally fermenting food in their diet. What does this mean? It means that a naturally fermented food (like un-pasteurized Sauerkraut and Kim Chi) will most likely support your body with what it needs to grow old healthfully.

Naturally fermented foods aid digestion, assimilation and immune building capabilities. Having an inner eco-system, or intestinal track, that is full of friendly Flora and brimming with good bacteria, which are present in naturally fermented foods, is one of the best ways to digest and absorb the nutrients from your meals.

In this course you will discover the secrets to staying slim, healthy and energized!

  • Learn how to combine RAW Living Foods with the best of Cooked Foods
  • Learn the incredible – not to be missed – digestive power of Cultured/Fermented Foods
  • Learn ancient traditions of powerful healing foods to build strong immunity

With “how to” Video Instruction:

1. Learn how to soak, sprout, blend and dehydrate, the necessary steps to learn raw food culinary skills. Then you will be able to pick up any raw food cook (or un-cook) book and understand the basics.

2. Learn how to blend Raw Food and Cooked Food together. Understand what is best to keep raw, and what is best cooked is vital to a diet is not only wholesome and nutritious, but also simple and sustainable.

3. Learn to make highly nutritious sauces and dressings that awaken cooked veggies and wholesome alkaline grains.

4. Learn what fats nourish your cells and can actually aid you in weight loss.

5. Learn how to get the Essential Fatty Acids and Omega 3 fats into your diet the delicious way.

6. Learn the secrets of how to mineralize your meals and coordinate simple meals that nourish and taste amazing.

7. Make delicious and oh so nutritious desserts – good enough to swoon over.

8. Finally, you will learn how to make your Cultured Vegetables and Kefir. Cultured Veggies are the rave because they are the missing link in most people’s diet that are absolutely needed for a strong digestive and immune system. In addition, they are delicious, making every meal complete!

Award Winning Recipes: Included are all of my delicious recipes with, and without, pictures so they are easy to view and easy to print.

Resources: For traveling, purchasing equipment, and specialty foods.

Plus a BONUS: The Raw Cacao Dessert series!

This course is for people who want to learn a “way of life” not a temporary diet. They want to loose weight and keep it off. They want to heal and prevent disease. They want to look and feel as beautiful as possible.

And, they want the pleasure of eating the most delicious food on the planet!

Join Me Now!

  • Do you have a pile of diet books, DVD’s, recipes, and information from magazine articles?
  • Do you get confused? Do you struggle with finding time to make the changes you want?
  • Do you want to loose weight and keep it off?
  • Do you want to heal parts of your body that are beginning to break down?
  • Do you want to look more beautiful and turn back the clock?
  • Do you want more pleasure and better results?


“What Susan Campbell provides is simple: a powerful and effective path to enhanced health and the prevention of many chronic diseases. Her books, documentaries and DVDs will help millions to realize their optimum health potential.”

– John Robbins, author of Diet for A New America

“I love, love, love your DVD’s!!! I like how you explain things really well, you also demonstrate the easy basic things that are new to lots of people, and it’s very personal with you interacting with the viewer. WELL DONE and congratulations!!!”

– Amy Bacheller, M.Ed, NC, CMT

“Chef Teton is on a nutrition crusade to help give us Americans some exciting new & tasty food ideas. I highly recommend her wonderful series of DVD’s which are a culmination of two decades of food knowledge.


– GardenChef, Paul F. Wenner, author and founder of the GardenBurger

“Chef Teton opened the door of possibility of what to do with oils and salt!! Her food is fabulous!”

– Nancy Stroehecker, PR Consultant, LA, CA

“As a Colon Hydrotherapist I support people in the process of internal cleansing and detoxifying their bodies through diet. My clients are eager and ready to learn the basics and benefits of raw foods, and return to a more natural way of nourishing their bodies. And Chef Teton does it all! With simplicity, elegance and flare, her DVD collection is a MUST for regenerating the body and spirit through living food.”

– Gyan Bohannon, Certified Colon Therapist, Makawao, Maui, Hawaii

“Chef Teton, Your DVDs should be mandatory for every dietitian, nutritionist and natural health practitioner! Each one contains essential information that can turn on the genes for optimum health and turn off the cycle of weight gain, degenerative disease, and serious illness. Watching hands-on food preparation of natural foods by a pro is the only way to master these kitchen cuisine secrets in a short period of time. And they’re so pleasant to watch. Your smiling face and professional style contributes greatly to their “addictiveness.” Now, when I’m in the kitchen, I think, “What would Chef Teton do?” and you gave me the courage to experiment more with raw and wholesome foods. Great recipes, too! I’m referring your DVD series to every patient and dear friend!”

– Dr. Donna Schwontkowski, Chiropractic physician (ret), M.S. Nutrition, Masters in Herbology

“Chef Teton puts a whole new spin on nutritious eating. Not only did she show me how to create scrumptious easy to make meals, she informed me of the benefits of the food being prepared. From EFA rich oils, nuts, grains, fruits, vegetables, and salt, to where to find proteins, omega 3’s, and minerals that will keep my skin radiant and my joints flexible. The methods in Essential Cuisine makes for an easy transition to healthier eating habits with foods that are absolutely delicious.”

– Cheryle Easter, Film Maker, Portland, Oregon

“When I became an herbalist, one of the courses was how to incorporate raw and wholesome foods into the diet. I loved that class, but over the years, wished I could find additional instruction so I didn’t have to re-invent the wheel (and have cooking disasters along the way). Your DVD series is exactly what I’ve been looking for and it is so much more than what I ever expected to find. It’s vibrant, it’s exciting, it’s real, and it’s full of tricks and tips to decrease the learning curve… After just the first DVD, I was experimenting in the kitchen again, and loving every minute of it! Thank you for all your hard work. This DVD series will change the health of America, one mouthful at a time.”

– Louisa Blackstone

“The course was beyond what I had expected it to be, so the value of the course went way beyond what my expectations were. I was hoping to get just a basic questions and answers. Instead I got new thoughts and directions that I did not even think about. This series went way beyond what I was expecting.

With Chef Teton’s Essential Cuisine DVD Series

And Award Winning Recipes!

Now you can have the BEST possible diet in your life in the comfort of your own home and with your own personal coach!

This power packed DVD video series is designed to help you incorporate a a new diet to last a Lifetime.

  • Watch unwanted pounds melt away without going hungry!
  • Create radiantly beautiful skin!
  • Have the flat stomach you always wanted!
  • Enjoy abundant energy and deep sleeps!
  • Move again with flexible joints!
  • Create flowing digestion!
  • Enjoy a balanced emotional body and mental clarity!
  • Enjoy rich, delicious, and sensuous food every day!

Do this and more by discovering the secrets to staying slim, healthy and energized!

more info on Udeny.com

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