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4 Ways To Correct Your Posture To Prevent Fat Belly And Big Hips

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Postures to prevent fat belly and large hips
Postures to prevent fat belly and large hips
Postures to prevent fat belly and large hips
People who have fat bellies and big hips are quite self-conscious about themselves. They are most often concerned as to how they look when it comes to their stomach and hips.

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This can be due to incorrect posture. The human body has a natural way of moving and is built in a certain way and is its natural form.

But due to modernisation and the ever-expanding rise of society and urbanisation, people are losing touch with this natural form.

This comes most notably due to some of the most generic urban lifestyles that people have been subjected to since their early childhood.

Office goers and businessmen nowadays have desk jobs. Meaning the majority of the day is spent sitting in a chair at a desk with little to no movement.

Another problem is that with the rise of technology and on-screen communications, most of the time people are bent forward onto screens. People, in general, to become fat and have wider hips as a result of the continuous strain in the hip and pelvic area.

Bending over a desk or screen for a prolonged period of time causes the backbone to bend and cause back pain and other such sores and ailments.

People have become so used to having a bad posture that many do not even realise that the way their body naturally rests is wrong and can hamper it in the future.

Bad posture leads to belly fat and large hip

Due to constant sitting in a single position for prolonged periods of time, the body might adapt and in a sense get deformed to have a larger hip. This is so that the pelvic bones and muscles can support the weight of the upper body efficiently.

Also, due to sitting all the time and being devoid of physical movement fat can get accumulate in the abdominal region. This leads to overweight and dull reflexes and muscle strength.

Luckily, one can reduce the amount of fat in the bellies and also work toward reducing their hip size by simply correcting their posture.  Posture correcting is essentially consciously making sure that your body posture is the natural way it should be till the point it becomes second nature to you.

4 Ways to Correct Posture

There are many ways to correct one’s posture depending on the aspect of their body they wish to change and alter for the better. For those who wish to reduce belly fat and big hips, here are four simple ways to correct your posture:

1. Improve your standing posture:

a good way to reduce belly fat is to have a proper upright standing posture.

The basic way to have a correct standing posture is to make sure that your chin is level with the floor, your shoulders should be back and your stomach should be in.

This will keep your stomach from hanging out if you have a fat belly and as you go about your daily routine, you will be able to slowly lose fat in the process.

You can use a wall to teach yourself the correct way to stand. By standing against a wall and making sure the back of your head, shoulders and butt touch the wall with your arms naturally at your side, you can get a grip of a correct posture that will help you reduce a fat belly. This is the ideal posture to maintain as you go about your regular activities.

2. Improve sitting posture:

having a good posture while sitting is highly beneficial for those who wish to make their large hips and fat bellies less prominent and overall reduce them in time. Keep your thighs at a90 degree angle to your claves and shin. Shoulders should be straight and square with your head upright

. Also, your head back and heel should be all aligned.  Your feet should be flat o the floor. It is advisable to not cross your legs or ankles as you remain seated.

Those who might find this a little tiresome or difficult may use the assistance of a supportive chair in order to maintain a good and proper posture.

3. Proper sleeping posture:

Proper sleeping
Proper sleeping

It does not matter how or in which manner you sleep. Having some pillows to provide you with support is always advantageous in order to maintain a proper position.

If you are sleeping on your back with your face facing the ceiling, then one pillow under your head and one under your knees will help you achieve a proper sleeping position as you get a good night sleep.

This will help keep your stomach in as you will be able to feel the weight of your stomach pushing in. These help in speeding up the process of burning fat and ultimately lose weight.

4. Exercising posture:

you might think that in exercise how one can maintain a good posture. In actuality, exercise not only helps you lose weight and belly fat but also assist in the resizing of the hip if the way it is carried out is optimal and beneficial.

You can perform various simple exercises like abdominal stretching to lose abdominal fat and strengthen your core muscles.

For this lie on your back with your legs bent in a right angle at your knees and your feet be flat on the floor. Then try to push up your waist using your hips and pushing down on your feet till your bellybutton rises up towards your chest. Hold this position for about ten seconds and again fall back on the floor.

Repeat this couple of times each day alongside your other exercise regimes and you will be able to see results in a matter of weeks.

These are some of the many exercises and practices you can do to correct your posture in order to correct your hip size and also reduce belly fat.

If you are able to consciously maintain such posture throughout the day for a prolonged period of time, you will notice that in time this corrected posture will become a habit for you without the need for conscious monitoring.

At this point, your hip size will become smaller and more natural and your belly fat will also have reduced quite a bit. Once this happens you can realise that your posture is corrected and is the best way you can carry about your day.

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