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Ketogenic Diet For Beginners! Become a Fat Burner Now

THIS IS YOUR ANSWER! Ketogenic Diet For Beginners is a simple understandable step-by-step guide to getting started on a ketogenic diet for the person who doesn’t know how or where to start!  No other courses are needed as this will answer all your questions plus you’ll receive:

– Mealplan

-Shopping list

-Food tracking worksheets

-Workout (optional)


Don’t get lost deep in the confusing science, Brandi delivers the information on when you can start losing weight immediately…

This course shows you how to get into keto, stay in keto, calculate calories and macros, design your own mealplan, select your fat sources, track your food intake, shop for the perfect foods and more! 

The science is made 

Brandi provides full support along the way, for every question you may have.  She also provides answers to your questions regarding your meal plan  and how to modify it for your needs.

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