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Gloves-Off Keto Diet for Health & Extraordinary Weight-Loss

Whether you’ve tried lots of diets before or are just frustrated about being overweight, Mark brings his experience as a therapist and coach to help you get it sorted. Much more than that he speaks from his own personal experience with the challenges of being overweight and shares what he has done to get it under control and keep it long term. He stresses the need for any long-term solution to be simple and easy to follow and provides easy to follow answers to challenges of the future.

In this course Mark teaches about why we’ve lost our way in regards to eating. He also explains some of the main contributors to the mushrooming crisis faced today by obesity, type 2 diabetes and other life threatening conditions related to being overweight. He reveals his own long term struggles with being overweight and why he thinks it’s important to adopt the ketogenic way of eating as a way of life rather than a diet.

Mark believes that the reason for our rapidly expanding waistlines is much more cynical than us simply not getting enough exercise and how the “powers that be” are, far from providing a solution, actually exacerbating the problem. He explains how abandoning the idea of eating real food for ready-prepared processed foods has led us to a situation where being sick will be the norm and where parents will actually be out-living their offspring.

A therapist and coach with over twenty five years’ experience in helping clients achieve their weight-loss and healthy living goals he stresses the need for taking personal responsibility for taking back control of our lives amidst the fog of conflicting trends, dubious information and downright lies.

Discover how you can lose weight easily, quickly, healthily and all without feeling hungry or tired.

  • Understand how what you’ve understood to be healthy has actually been working against you and frustrating your efforts.
  • Challenge the “status quo thinking” when you listen to current medical and dietary advise and become a more informed customer when shopping for food.
  • See the dieting and fitness magazines for what they are and wise up to all their fads.
  • Wake up to the fact that all this obesity and type 2 diabetes disaster is a recent challenge and that the solution isn’t to be found in a powder, pill or gym.
  • Learn how your body is telling you about your weight challenges and how to finally succeed long term.

Contents and Overview

You’ll learn how modern life and eating trends are causing an explosion of obesity, type 2 diabetes and many other related diseases.

You’ll realise that the “powers that be” don’t necessarily have your best interests at heart and how greed, profit and shareholder demands are coming way ahead of your dietary requirements.

You’ll understand how many people, even though they may be severely overweight, are undernourished and indeed malnourished.

Discover why many people, even though they succeed with this diet, just don’t manage to keep to it long term because of the outside influences of the vested interests.

You’ll also discover that knowledge is all and that being wise and discerning can keep you permanently on this way of eating.

You’ll gain confidence with every pound you lose and know what to do to blast through any plateau to maintain your body as a fat burning furnace.

You’ll learn how the information we consume is controlled by only a few corporations and what that means for the state of a free press.

Lastly you’ll have access to a therapist and coach who’s not only helped thousands of clients over the last 25 years but has also gone through the same weight and “losing the fat” challenges that you’re probably experiencing right now. He is successfully maintaining that weight loss, going from a 36 inch waist to 32 waist and finding that even the 32 inch waist is now baggy and loose!

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